Friday, February 9, 2018

Never Stop Growing

    I do not know everything.  In fact, the things I do not know far outweigh the things I do know.  As  result, I know that there is always room for growth.

    There are teachers who take things that they have being doing for the past several years and continue to do them again and again without acknowledgement that students today learn differently than the students of ten years ago did.

     Aside from not being best for students, I imagine this must also be incredibly dull!  In my three years of teaching none of my years have been identical.  This year for example, I have worked and developed and implemented more authentic PBAs.  I have done this because this seems to be where the future of education is going as well as the futures of my students will be driven and I want them to be best prepared for it.  

    There is always something new to learn.  Think of water.  If water is still for too long it becomes stagnant and algae grows on top of it.  Running water is typically purer and certainly looks clearer as a result of its constant movement.  Education is the same way.  If we stay still for too long, if we keep doing the same thing over and over again we become stagnant.  We become irrelevant.  We become complacent.  We are unable to best meet the needs of our students.  

    It may even be fair to say it is arrogant of us to assume our teaching strategy will be best for every student regardless of what year it is.  Could you imagine our current students (you know the students who are going to go on to travel the stars, create peace across the world, and other incredible things) having to sit through the classes we did?  Sure for many of us those strategies may have been great, but it was a different time.  Look at businesses of the world, the ones who are successful now are the ones who have learned to adapt to the modern consumer, the ones who are not successful are still living in their old business practices (need proof?  Compare Amazon to Sears).  

    If we want to do what is best for students it means we must always be growing.  We must continually look for new ways to grow, because if we don't we become like still water.  If we want to say we care about our students then we need to back up those words by caring about how we will instruct them.  There are definitely times where I just want to do what I feel comfortable with, but if I want my students to succeed I need to humble myself and do what I am uncomfortable with.  We ask our students to step outside of their comfort zones when they come to our classes, so what would make us thing we are "too good" to do the same?  

    Find new ways to grow.  For me, developing my personal learning network through Twitter had been incredibly helpful.  I feel like I am constantly learning new things from other educators on Twitter.  I am encouraged in some of the things I do and I am challenged to grow in other areas without the threats of judgment or punishment.  

    Your students deserve your absolute best.  You want to be the absolute best you can for your students, and that means a constant and thirsting desire to grow.  Do not be content with where you are at, keep looking for new ways to reach your students to make them the best possible versions of themselves!

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  1. Great post! I absolutely agree, we must be relevant and engaging for our students and that means constantly growing and changing.