Tuesday, January 30, 2018

How #waledchat Was Made

I never thought this would be me.


If you heard my latest podcast, you heard me say that I never thought that I would be a teacher who would even have a podcast, let alone a blog or anything else.

I thought that I would simply be a teacher who came into school, would try to be as engaging as possible in my school and then come home and reflect with my wife or by myself.  Never did I think I would share my ideas across social media, let alone did I think anyone would actually want to listen to them.  What kind of insights could I possibly share in the world of education?  I'm only in my third year teaching, there are plenty of more qualified voices in education out there.

But when my principal challenged me to start a podcast on the life of a middle school history teacher, something about that excited me.  I finally found something that I could share about.  So I started my "Wins and Losses with Teacher Phil" podcast that I quickly shortened to "Wins And Losses" and have been able to interact with many incredible educators (some have even written some pretty good books too!).

As podcasting continued to grow, I wanted to continue to share my thoughts through another mode of media.  I noticed that a lot of educators had been using blogging to share their ideas so I thought I would give that a try.  When I was in college I made a blog called Reckless Historians and had a blast, but by the end of undergraduate lost my fire for it because my primary interest in teaching started to be my students and then my content.  I have really been enjoying blogging and writing down my thoughts on education.  Blogging and podcasting have both been very cathartic for me.

So here I am.... Doing what I never thought I would do.  And why am I doing it?  Because I have been encouraged by other educators.  Not only my principal but also my PLN, because I started to use Twitter for a personal learning network.  Participating in various ed chats (special shout out to the crew at #122edchat), has inspired me to continue to learn and grow from educators all around me, not just the ones in my building.

Educators have always given me so much, as a student and now as a teacher.  I wanted to find a way to give back.  I have been thinking about this for multiple weeks and thought that creating a twitter chat could be an exciting way to give back to educators by creating a safe and open space for reflection.  Keeping the ideas of my blog and podcast, I am starting a "Wins And Losses" Ed Chat! #waledchat will be a weekly chat on Thursdays at 9pm and will be an opportunity for educators to reflect on their victories over the past week as well as their losses.  My hope is that by the end of our half hour together educators will have an idea on how to turn their losses into victories for the next week.  I am very excited about this opportunity and hope that you will join me for the first #waledchat this Thursday at 9pm.  Thanks for reading, see you Thursday at 9! 

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